Syrian Artists Need Our Help!

After seven years of a horrific war — made even worse by weapons and fighters sent in from outside the country — a fragile peace is beginning to emerge in several parts of Syria. A brave group of Syrian artists have endured the devastation and are now emerging from the rubble. They need our help!
Click on GoFundMe to donate or purchase Tony Khawam’s art catalogue.

GoFundMe-Syrian-Artists-widgetSyrian-American artist Tony Khawam who grew up in Syria and Mel Lehman of Common Humanity, a non-profit promoting peace and understanding in the Middle East, will be traveling to Syria this coming Easter to visit with the artists, purchase as many paintings as they can, and bring the art back to the U.S. By exhibiting and selling the paintings they will be directly helping the struggling Syrian artists with the proceeds from the sale of their paintings. They will also help Americans who visit the exhibit to see the richness and timeless beauty of Syrian culture and art.

There is something you can do to help a few of the millions of Syrians affected by seven years of war. Please join us with your support on this unique journey of compassion. We will take you with us via your computer! You can help with donations and/or purchase a copy of Tony Khawam’s recently published 50 page art catalogue in conjunction with Bailey Contemporary Arts and Art Basel/Red Dot Art Miami exhibitions titled “Syria – Aleppo Urban Landscapes” painting series from 2015-2017 for $50.00 in the U.S.A. and Canada and $75.00 internationally including shipping.


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Tony Khawam

Artist, art dealer, director of marketing and creative services for integrated marketing campaigns delivering innovative marketing ideas for digital media platforms, print media and multimedia video production.

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