Paintings Process:
The materials used in the recent “Aleppo” and “Chaos” painting series are inspired by the human made fabric, household objects and urban architecture which are exclusively human characteristics and are features of most human societies. The debris of human made objects with the use of materials are the focus of the recent painting series such as acrylic paint, dye yarn hand made knitting, burlap and resin on canvas intensify our visual experience of an aftermath of a bombed urban area. Khawam uses references from multiple sources including media photos, his own photography and his imaginations of the frontline and displacement chaos in as a result in a social unrest.

Assemblage Paintings Process:
The process of each painting is a simple 3 steps process in storytelling and follows a building construction, starting with a black and white loose sketch or underpainting of a realistic scene. The deconstruction process begins by applying translucent bold paint of strokes to finish with a fragmented expressionist painting of the scene. All my artwork are in series and some of the smaller format paintings final step is to assemble a minimum of six paintings to form one artwork and larger paintings are individual artworks.


Finished Paintings

24-Aleppo Urban Landscape-2017_web

26-Aleppo Urban Landscape-2017_web