The process of each painting is a simple 3 steps process in storytelling and follows a building construction, starting with a black and white loose sketch or underpainting of a realistic scene. The deconstruction process begins by applying translucent bold paint of strokes to finish with a fragmented expressionist painting of the scene. All my artwork are in series and some of the smaller format paintings final step is to assemble a minimum of six paintings to form one artwork and larger paintings are individual artworks.

Underpainting assemblage of 12 – Edition of 10 each unique, Giglée on canvas, signed and dated, 24’x36″

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No5_12 underpaintings_web

Aleppo-Urban-Landscapes-No6_12 upderpaintings_web


Finished Paintings

24-Aleppo Urban Landscape-2017_web

26-Aleppo Urban Landscape-2017_web