Abstraction 1996/2000

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Abstractions inspired by technology, speed and flux of modern life.

Figurative Abstractions inspired by domestic and corporate fast paste life styles.

The mid-nineties body of work is characterized by the layered cumulative abstraction of brush strokes with my interpretation of the modern architecture that surrounded my studio in Northern New Jersey and inspired by the new technology, and the urban scene grid bird-eye-view from multiple perspectives and vanishing points that defines the places where we live, work and play. The experimental single brush stoke body of work defined by intertwined abstracted architectural motifs with a spontaneous but rapid execution of painterly expressionist style and equated with a storytelling of the human genius in developing the land to best suit our inhabitant of modern industrial and corporate world that shaped our lifestyle. The cumulative brush strokes are meant to convey my perception of the speed and flux of modern life. My objective was to bring forth the hidden characters of an urban scene painted in a neoplasticism contemporary style.

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