American Dream 2020

American Dream Series

Khawam’s work from 2015 until 2020 focused on social disruption, displacement, and immigration through the ‘Aleppo’ and ‘Chaos’ series. In 2020, the Pandemic affected millions worldwide and kept him in the studio experimenting with a new representational painting series, a depiction of South Florida’s urban landscape that surrounded his studio, “I wanted to flip the narrative and experiment with a subject and a style opposite of the ‘Chaos’ series by exploring prosperity from an immigrant’s perspective of the American dream. The focus of this series splits between a bird-eye view and an intimate close-up of the figure and its relationship with the geometric living space and nature.

The figurative inclusion in Khawam’s latest paintings speaks to a continuity in our human draw towards interpreting our environment through painting and mark making. His individual effort to succeed at this endeavor, through repetition and reinvention, is sustained in a similar spirit, along with his determination to do so despite whatever art trends are in favor at the time, coming and going like waves on a beach.

The perpendicular urban view gave Khawam the freedom to work on a painting from all four sides, no matter how the painting was turned which reveals almost the same visual result. The focus is on the waterfront luxury homes, swimming pools, boats, yachts, and cars to form a network of geometric semi-abstracted shapes. The composition was formed around flat shapes with joyful color palette to reflect the spirit of Florida’s landscape with the sunshine and endless waterways, canals, lakes, and golden beaches. He portrays the inhabitant’s love and dialogue with the urban landscape around the intracoastal waterway along Ocean Drive in South Florida, stretching between Miami to Palm Beach and beyond to the Northern points of Florida” Khawam said.

Khawam’s fascination with Florida lifestyle which offers spectacular flora and fauna, miles of golden and white sandy beaches and a dynamic grid like aerial scene, fabulous blue wave ocean, and a canal system with the reminding of Venice and the palm tree as Florida’s iconic symbol for the good life. South Florida is a multicultural community where each culture has found a place under the sun.  The South Florida lifestyle can be defined as luxurious and casual, stylish, and elegant, upbeat but relaxed and laid-back, invaded by winter visitors and still family friendly. After all, this is a life in Paradise.

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