American Dream 2020


My work from 2015 to 2019 focused on war-torn Syria, disruption and immigration through the ‘Aleppo’ and ‘Chaos’ series. In February 2020, the Pandemic affected millions worldwide and kept me busy in my Miami studio experimenting with new painting series, a depiction of South Florida’s urban landscape. I wanted to flip the narrative upside-down opposite of the ‘Chaos’ series by examining prosperity through a lens of bird-eye views of the intracoastal waterway with homes and roads alone Ocean Drive in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach. The aerial views are recorded by a Drone and painted freehand on canvases to capture the essence of Florida’s architecture and lifestyle with the American dream in-mind. The perpendicular urban views gave me the freedom to work on a painting from all four sides, no matter how I turn the painting to reveal almost the same visual result. The focus is on the waterfront luxury homes, swimming pools, boats, yachts, and cars to form a network of geometric semi-abstracted shapes.

I wanted to make paintings that were a celebration and that revealed something and obscured something at the same time, I have so many conflicting ideas, and a series is a great way to jump in and out of something. Also, they are a battle with the idea of mortality and hope to capture life through South Florida’s lush greens, sky and ocean blues. I wanted to forget the Pandemic in my studio and be a child again like walking after school into a sweet shop full of colors of fruit and flowers and painted shapes accentuated by ultramarine blue shadows especially of Palm trees that define the South Florida’s landscape, and that once I started it was just a process of bringing them all into the world how I imagined them.

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