Aleppo Paintings – Urban Landscapes

Recent paintings by Syrian American artist Tony Khawam exhibited at Art Boca Raton 2017 from March 15-19 with over 150 international artists from 45 galleries participated in the 2nd International Pavilion of the Palm Beaches at the research campus of Florida Atlantic University. The opening gala was for the benefit of Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Art school.

Tony presented clustered paintings series of 8 and 15 clustered to form one artwork of Aleppo Urban Landscapes. The urban scenes are in a war torn Aleppo city, despite massive destructions, the artist managed to switch the focus from hunting, disturbing scenes to colorful playful neighborhoods scenes. The paintings executed expressively by applying his signature strokes of accumulative lines and used limited but colorful palette focusing on hopes and resiliency of the human spirits without showing human suffering.  Paintings of streets piled up with fallen building materials, scenes of building facades, balconies, collapsed floors and aerial views of various Aleppo neighborhoods.

Aleppo Urban Landscapes No.2
Aleppo Urban Landscapes No.1

Published by Tony Khawam

Artist, art dealer, director of marketing and creative services

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