Syria – Aleppo Urban Landscapes Exhibitions (October 2017)

Tony Khawam exhibiting semi abstraction of “Tech, Speed and Urbanism” New York Metro Area works from the last decade and recent works of Syria – Aleppo Urban Landscapes series.

An Exhibition of Invited Florida Artists to exhibit, perform, and engage audiences during the 2017 Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE) in October 17 and 18, 2017 at Broward County Convention Center.

2017-TK-FITCE_Invite_FL Intl Trade Culture Expo
For information on Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo, please visit:

2017-TK-Art_Invite_Little Haiti Gallery_invite
For information on Little Haiti Cultural Center exhibition “Truth and Reconciliation”, please visit:

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Artist, art dealer, director of marketing and creative services

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